We're smart, creative, passionate and independent. We're not looking to be the next big agency, and we're not impressed by big name companies or what everyone else is doing.

We put our clients first. Period. That means staying lean and agile; maintaining our integrity; effectively setting expectations; clearly setting objectives; regularly communicating with each other and with our clients; and consistently maintaining full awareness of digital market developments, without allowing that awareness to easily stray our focus or woo us toward the proverbial bandwagon.

In addition, we pride ourselves in a consistently well-rounded understanding of what it takes, soup-to-nuts, to release a digital product. As such, we're always drawn to candidates who've worn numerous hats in the digital space. Unless you're dynamite in one role and have the chops to backup that claim, the more moves you've made and the more well-rounded, the better your chances.

If you've got a thing for technology and are interested in solving hard problems and driving solid products to market, drop us a line at hr@wbginteractive.com. Be sure to tell us what you want to do and why you're not doing it now.